Integrated High Performance Coaching


Anno 2015

A young footballer with a dream.

How to make the major step from amateur to pro?

Change the unchangeable.

Ted de Man was told that he lacked the quickness to play pro.

After 6 weeks of training with IHPC, Ted was not only quick enough, he realized his dream.

Ted was contracted by Fortuna Sittard for the 2016-2017 season.

Speed should be taught to all athletes.

Anno 2017 Rehab

A beautiful young lady (65 yr.) with a dream.

How to survive her second full knee replacement?

A repeat of her first knee replacement and rehabilitation process would be unbearable.

Mrs. G. entered a pre-hab 5 weeks pre-op and rehab focussed on outcome. Not her knee but her whole body was developed to make her more agile, coordinated and confident than she had been in years.

I am fortunate to have met Mrs. G. I will never forget her courage and determination. And am happy to say that she is back to performing on the dance floor.